Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Frilansets hymn

Come and get it, I don't know what the fuck to do wit it
I wrote it down, took it to the paper and spit it
I tried to knock it in the game, a soccer, they ain't kick it
I twist it up in the dutch, mental lit it and hit it

GP won't lick it, DN won't cook it
Filter won't book it, Svenskan ain't wit it
I shot a point black where the cage is still live in
I try to take it to Vice and pray that they'll send us

Playa Aftonbladet won't rip it, Expressen won't pick it
I took it to Fokus, he couldn't do nuttin wit it
I threw it in the river, motherfuckers started swimmin
I bagged it up, put it on the block and couldn't flip
Who the fuck gon' buy it? NSD won't drop it
Maybe if I put up "For Sale" sign, somebody cop it
State penitentiary cellblocks can't lock it.


Elin said...


Anonymous said...

True dat.

Anonymous said...

Gud den är så deprimerande den här posten

Anonymous said...
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KV said...

Som tur är dör vi alla snart.