Saturday, May 3, 2008


Dick: What are you looking for man?
Jag: I like...
Dick: In percent man, what are you looking for!?
Jag: Uuhm...
Dick: You want music or do you wanna get laid?
Jag: I'm sort of.... 50/50?
Dick: Allright, allright man. 50/50 OK, OK...!
Jag: Okay let's...
Dick: Let's be honest, you're looking for some pussy, right? HAHAHAHA!
jag: Ehh, alright?
Dick: You should go over to the bar cheap shots. There are always out-of-town girls there drinking. Hey, these guys wants to go to a bar with a lot of inexperienced girls from out of town. Isn't cheap shots great for that?
Bartender: Yeah I see underaged girls there all the time!
Dick: YEAH! that's perfect, that awesome.
Gordon: What's this about underaged girls?
Jag: you're a salesman right?
Dick: Yeah. I'm selling New York to you!
Jag: Ambassadour right?
Dick: Yeah. I'm vice preseident Dick Cheney! Yeah! That's awesome man! It's perfect!

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