Sunday, February 10, 2008

American't Apparel


Hello Kathrin, I still haven't recieved my lost cardigan from the
order: 1Z W89 09V 68 XXX. I'ts been 15 days since you stated
that you would send it "asap". Your site said that you ship within 2
days but it has now been over a month to complete the shipment fully.
I don't think this is acceptable, I'm pleased with the products that I
HAVE recieved, but you've had a lacking sense of communication with
the customer. Me.

If you don't have the Cardigan in the green color I ordered you could
send it in blue or black. And I hope to be compensated with an extra
t-shirt for the delay.

Have a nice day.

Charles Kristoffer Viita, Gothenburg, Sweden

Kathrin svarar:

Dear Kristoffer Viita,

thanks for your feedback.
The item RSA4400 was not in the shipment, because this color is out of stock
in L.A.
We did not charge you for this remaining item, and did order it in L.A. for
Backorders should be shipped within 10 business days.
Unfortunately it is still out of stock there.
We can cancel this item, replace it with another color or wait for the Army
We could get from L.A. following colors:
Royal, black, silver, asphalt or navy.


Kathrin XXX
American Apparel Deutschland GmbH
Online Store

Jag svarar på svaret:

Thank you for the information. Please send me my cardigan in the
"silver" color. With my bonus.


/Charles Kristoffer Viita

PS. The adress and size (medium) is still the same.

Vad tror ni kära läsare? Kommer jag få någon Bonus?


djingen said...

häftiga bilder! Kola gärna in min fotoblogg med vore kul!

Mvh danne

Skribenten said...

Bonus och bonus? Sedan när hoppar vuxna kvinnor i sängen?

Anonymous said...

Sorry,det är ett battle du inte kan vinna. Precis som med bananflugor.

Olle said...

Vrför taggas precis allt med "alliansen" numera?

chops said...

Hahaha. Näe.